the WHO, WHAT & WEAR of finding THE one

​It sounds easy, right? You just walk into one bridal store, fall in love with the first dress you try on, it's under budget, everyone who needs to be there is there, and you're done! Right? If only it were that easy. Here are a few tips from Flutter to hopefully make your dress shopping experience wonderful and stress free.


It's important to know who your key decision makers are. Who needs to be with you when you find your dress? And whose opinion actually matters. Some conversations should be had before you go out searching. If your mom has generously offered to pay for your gown, you may want to not only discuss budget, but also the type of dress you are looking for. Are you looking for something sophisticated, with a plunging neckline, but your mom envisions you in a lace fit and flare with a modest sweetheart? Save yourself the heartbreak of falling in love with your dream dress, but having your decision makers put a damper on your day, and get everyone on the same page ahead of time.

Keep in mind that while a big group may look fun on the TV shows everyone loves, it can be very overwhelming. Trying on bridal gowns should be fun and exciting, and your opinion matters most! We limit the numbers of guests per appointment for this very reason.

MAIN POINT- If your mom needs to be there for you to buy your gown, make sure she is with you at your appointment. Or your sister. Or your dad. Or your best friend. Whoever it is, if they need to be there, make sure they are there. Too often, brides have their bridal moment and want to say yes, but can't because someone is missing.

We are happy to help with Facetime, too :)


Do your research before you schedule your appointment. We have our designers and most of our inventory available to view on our website, as well as our price range. Each store caters to a different aesthetic.

Our appointments are 90 minutes long, and weekends tend to book up weeks in advance. If you are looking for an intimate shopping experience, we have weekday and evening appointments available.

Have that all important budget conversation before you set out on your dress search. You may not have a frame of reference for what bridal gowns cost, and what you are looking for may not fit in your price point. We always do our best to be sensitive and accommodate budgets, but at the end of the day, you know what you will be comfortable spending.


For some reason, many people think you need to try on every dress at every store before you can make a decision. If you need to do that to feel like you haven't missed anything, go right ahead. But it's also okay to know what you are looking for, and to find it at the first store you go to. Try not to get pressured by your group to keep looking at dresses for the sake of the shopping experience.


What do you wear when you try on bridal gowns!? We recommend nude undergarments. Often, you won't wear a bra at all when you are actually trying the dresses on! Remember that you will be dolled up on your big day, so wearing a bit of makeup to your appointment may help you envision it. But we just want you to be happy and comfortable, so you do you!

Finding your dress should be a wonderful memory, and ideally stress free! Hopefully these tips will set you up for a successful dress shopping experience!



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